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3 days ago in News

takandalo commented on "Reports: Real Madrid Expecting FC Barcelona Superstar To Struggle Without Neymar"


please fans you must not be confused when hs playing against weak team , he must deliver against real madrid ,atletico ,sevilla ,atlet bilb,real socied ,vilancia ,vella real ,those are the teams that decide your laliga tittle ,..of course his good he will score more than 30 goals ,but now it's time for him to carry barca on his sholder's and prove hater's(my self) wrong barca it's similar to Argentina , he has no good team around him ...

3 days ago in News

takandalo commented on "Cristiano Ronaldo Closes In On Lionel Messi’s Trophy Haul"


@Gizaretti_legendary dont hate chief , he's 32 year's ,two year's difference , they're in the same age group don't mention age .......

12 days ago in News Comments

micrein mentioned takandalo in: Latest FIFA Rankings Announced


@takandalo FIFA rankings take into account several years of games. With every new FIFA ranking, the games from back then no longer get counted in the rankings. Brazil probably had some bad results then while Germany had good results. These results now no longer count towards the ranking, so Brazil now have gotten some more points while Germany has lost a few.

12 days ago in News

takandalo commented on "Latest FIFA Rankings Announced "


I will never understand fifa rankings ,after confed Germany was number 1 ,the were no friendly games after ,but now they are position two ,same thing with bafana did brazil get points to be position ??clarity please

15 days ago in News

takandalo commented on "How Paris Saint-Germain Could Line Up With Neymar"


thiago motta ???

3 months ago in News

takandalo commented on "Manchester United's New Top Target Revealed?"


20 goals in total and 16 league goals

3 months ago in News

takandalo commented on "Manchester United's First Signing Revealed?"


benfica won't downgrade they've been doing this each and every season ,that's how they make profit not via tv rights just like big clubs in England ....yearly they're competitive if not dominating locally ,the reason of their dominance majority of best young latent in portugal they want to play for benfica/porto hence they know they will have big opportunities to play for big clubs abroad ,and majority of best young talent from south america and Europe they take portugal and france league as a stepping stone to big club's/ financially stable clubs .

3 months ago in News Comments

angam mentioned takandalo in: SAFPU Are Looking To Take Maritzburg United To Task


@takandalo , read the article again and you will see there's a contract in place

3 months ago in News

takandalo commented on "SAFPU Are Looking To Take Maritzburg United To Task"


@angam when there's no agreement that's were the union's(safpu) come in ... hence it is wise to join a union when you're working .



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