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5 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Orlando Pirates Slam Former Coach For His Remarks"


pirates should be big enough to trust coaches.i find it perplexing that even when the team has a number of players that is equal to number of the residents of the entire mauritius islands population,we're forced to watch same less effective and under-performing players.jele,nyauza,phungwayo, makola,matlaba,gabuza just make the cut without breaking a sweat!

6 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Orlando Pirates Confirm Released Players"


gabuza,nyauza,jele,phungwayo and even makola deserves out.or else they will succeed in achieving their normal goal,which is getting a 5 coach which is micho fired.with another barren season,trophy-wise.once the going gets tough the coach tend to opt for players with big reputation and names but the unfortunate part is their game is way below psl std!let's say they're gone past sell-by dates.bucs jersey alone ain't enough to strike fear in opposition anymore.

6 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Orlando Pirates Part Ways With Midfielder"


he is a gem!whichever team that signs him will get rewarded.but pirates being pirates they never stop to amaze me,when coming to throw away,good up and coming talent...on the other hand they have tightly grasped nyauza's clearance like a vice,simply because he looks like their former succesful captain!if thats not bizzaire i would never know is!

7 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "The Players That PiratesCould Swap For Manyisa"


Anyone but malajila and fistos is fine.the colombian will add value to our crossing game.zwane is an obvious choice,pirates lacked real right back and has been improvising without success for some time now.and nyauza should be solda!

10 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Mamelodi Sundowns Have Confirmed The Departure Of Pitso Mosimane's Right Hand Man"


smart move mr in 6 months or so you might find yourself coaching one of the biggest footballing brand in africa!history has shown that becoming bucs assist coach puts you in pole position to earn the pricipal coaching seat once the coach get the boot. if that is what encouraged you sir,to join bucs,i guess you even smarter than i cant wait to say good-riddance to either benson or herold,or better yet both.they're way to rigid for my liking. and hello and goodluck,mr expertise,cd,cm and right back is what we been lacking.

15 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Abubaker Mobara Linked With Wits Move"


only if wits are willing to sell Ben motshwari and tyson.then yep. they are aware of pirates interest in their valuable players they're doing a counter-act of their own,to deny indirectly or piss off pirates.

17 days ago in News

realjoe75 commented on "Orlando Pirates To Appoint Their Captain Under New Coach "


We still need to buy a captain material.jele to quiet for my liking,also his performance qualifies him to be bench or transferred,even better be given free one.makola,nyauza,sarr,gabuza and phungwayo need to follow suit.major over-haul is needed at bucs. Big up to khoza for letting manyisa go albeit late.his contribution will never be forgotten though. There is a serious competition in SA football and so-called minors are taking driving seat ahead of used-to-be powerhouses of mzansi football.and therefore emotions need to thrown out the window when coming to build a team.past records need to be torn and toasted!

24 days ago in SupporterClubUpdate

realjoe75 commented on "'There's No Way We Can Beat Chiefs With This Starting XI…' – Fan's Comment "


Gcaba will stand his ground firmly and stand toe to toe with chiefs attacking strength in the air.chiefs only dominates pirates only when it comes to set-pieces.and there is absolute no other defender better than Gcaba for that.him and sarr are better suited to this fixture,and I thought by now we should all be aware of that.those of you with short memory let me re-fresh ya...last fixture this teams played you couldn't wait for half-time to replace sarr and Gcaba what happen 5 minutes afterwards?bang header from the territory Gcaba marshalled perfectly but your hatred clouded your judgment,you took to voting and unfairly replaced this two.

24 days ago in FanParkUpdate

realjoe75 commented on "What The Carling Black Label Cup Line-Ups Are Worth "


Geez Kermit erasmus 'tall gate'worth that much?lol.



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