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1 day ago in News

mjaji92 commented on "SAFPU Have Hit Out At Kaizer Chiefs Over Bruce Bvuma"


R40 000 a month jo jo jo , I need a 3 year engineering degree plus 5 or more years of experience and certain certifications to earn that kinda money a month , and it gets deducted to be at R25 000.... yeerrr Sundowns and its just an entry level salary.

2 days ago in FanParkUpdate

mjaji92 commented on " Pirates Launch Casual Attire "


Addidas SA is lazy mani , you can remove the big name in front and give this to Gabuza adlale ngayo.

2 days ago in News

mjaji92 commented on "Reports: Jose Mourinho To Seal Third Signing In The Next 48 Hours "


Would rather push for Sunchez than this cow.

4 days ago in News

mjaji92 commented on "Orlando Pirates Have Launched Their Kit For The 2017/18 Season "


lol who ever designed this needs to be investigated , pres zuma must form a commission to investigate this. ha ha ha koda thixo wamabhakabhaka usishiyelani

8 days ago in News

mjaji92 commented on "'James Rodriguez Doesn't Have Character'"


ayisuka the guy putted a good performance Zidane never liked the guy, he never gave him a chance, infect he should have left Real for good , he is a good player and many teams(big) will be keen to sign him.

9 days ago in News Comments

zinho_mao1st mentioned mjaji92 in: Bidvest Wits' Phakamani Mahlambi Is Heading To Portugal


@mjaji92 that's unfair to others.Seems like the nominees were readily waiting for confirmation

9 days ago in News

mjaji92 commented on "Bidvest Wits' Phakamani Mahlambi Is Heading To Portugal"


lol jah neh how on earth did this boy got the award I mean he only played two games and was injured almost the whole season, I like the boy he is a promising player buuuut......

11 days ago in FanParkUpdate

mjaji92 commented on "Rooney's Farewell Message To Man Utd"


Sad to see him leaving , would have been nice seeing him retiring at Old Trafford. but thanks for the good service surely he will remain amongst the legends.

22 days ago in News

mjaji92 commented on "“What Should Motaung And Khoza Do?” – Reader’s Voice"


For Kaizer Chiefs its simple , we will never come to watch those louse players that this arrogant son of Kaizer is buying. Solution get ready of Boby infect get ready of all your children in the club management go out there and hire people who can do a professional job, yeah I get it its a family business well guess what gather all your family and friends to go to the stadiums to watch those losers.



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