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4 days ago in News

Tedd commented on "Reports: Lionel Messi & Ernesto Valverde Have An Uneasy Relationship"


Valverde appears to be your stubborn and not easily intimidate type of couch, if these rumors are true then we have a serious problem.

4 days ago in News

Tedd commented on "Reports: Lionel Messi Wants This Player To Replace Neymar At FC Barcelona"


Neymars inability to win ballon do has nothing to do with messi, even in a different team Ney wud still lose to messi and CR7, he's just not there yet. Had Ney played in a different era not having had to compete with both guys maybe he wud win it. Nonetheless I don't believe this article.

5 days ago in News Comments

Xolisa{khosificated} mentioned Tedd in: Reports: Neymar Accepts Offer To Leave FC Barcelona


@Tedd loool...... another reports ar opposing this.....

5 days ago in News

Tedd commented on "Reports: Neymar Accepts Offer To Leave FC Barcelona"


You see articles contradicting each other here, I was disturbed at first but now it's obvious that these are baseless rumors.

6 days ago in News

Tedd commented on "President Of Spanish Football Association Angel Maria Villar & His Son Arrested"


Imagine if South Africa was this strict wen it comes to corruption, I admire countries like these.

7 days ago in News

Tedd commented on "Jose Mourinho Wants Real Madrid Star As Part Of Swap Deal"


Man U are no longer in desperate need of new signings anymore they are covered in all areas now, bringing Kroos will only intensify competition in midfield.

7 days ago in FanParkUpdate

Tedd commented on " Pique Names Three Best Sportsmen He's Seen "


Don't take personal opinions serious, I don't mind the first two though in messi and Jordan but I would put Floyd mayweather in federal place.

9 days ago in News

Tedd commented on "How Barcelona Could Line-Up Next Season"


This article isn't truthful, it was confirmed 3 days ago gore bellerin won't be joining barca and as for verrati he's not going to barca. We admire your creativity Mr editor in projecting the possible line up next season but base it on up to date information.

9 days ago in News

Tedd commented on "Official: Man City Announce Pep's Fourth Signing"


Man city will be a force to reckon with next season, they are a complete side now,,I admire Kyle walker.

10 days ago in News

Tedd commented on "Manchester United, Barcelona & Real Madrid Amongst Forbes Most Valuable Sports Teams"


Madrid should be rated higher considering their success on the pitch, I gues Man U and barca have better business models outside the pitch.



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