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about 1 month ago in Match

TAU-TONA commented on "Nigeria vs. South Africa - AFCON Qualifiers (Sat, 10 Jun, 18:00)"


Bax is the only coach to beat Nigeria in charge of bafana bafana, twice in fact

about 1 month ago in News

TAU-TONA commented on "Kaizer Chiefs Have Parted Ways With John Paintsil "


Good, that's the beginning of operation murambadziva, sweeping away the filth. We all know who's next. Happyyyyyyy...

about 1 month ago in News Comments

setlaboswana mentioned TAU-TONA in: What has gone wrong with Kaizer Chiefs in 2016/17?


@TAU-TONA, Prof Komphela has management's backing because he is willing to work with whichever player they sign.

about 1 month ago in News

TAU-TONA commented on "What has gone wrong with Kaizer Chiefs in 2016/17?"


Stop beating about the bush, everybody knows the only thing that need to change is the coach

about 1 month ago in News

TAU-TONA commented on "Thanda Royal Zulu And AmaZulu Sale Not Welcomed "


This should be treated as a purely business transaction, Mr Mayor, not a political motion of no confidence. Big ups for supporting the team by all means possible, but you should have shown more business acumen by engaging the management of Thanda and thrashing out some sort of commitment and understanding. As for investing in the stadium and other amenities, you do that with all other infrastructure like roads and electricity, but that does not stop other businesses like banks and retailers from selling, relocating or buying other businesses. Good luck with your endeavour to hold Thanda Royal Zulu hostage.

about 1 month ago in FanParkUpdate Comments

magents02 mentioned TAU-TONA in: Khune’s Back On Social Media!


@TAU-TONA people can't think others they are stupid like their dad's. How can a normal person write such a crap.

about 1 month ago in FanParkUpdate

TAU-TONA commented on "Khune’s Back On Social Media! "


How can a straight thinking African make a mockery of Senzo's death by implying that Khune killed him? Do you think it's a joke to Senzo's family that the police still can't come up with answers regarding his killers. I hope someone screengrabs your nonsense and forward it unanimously to the hawks so they can take you in and teach you how to make mature jokes. Your hatred could endanger Khune's life as well. Another small minded fool from your tribe could believe your docile nonsense and attack Khune or those close to him. Please contact Khune personally and make an unconditional public apology. You are shameless...

2 months ago in FanParkUpdate

TAU-TONA commented on "Toure & His Agent Donate R1.6m To Manchester Attack Victims"


Not long ago his neighbours in Ghana were being swept alive by gigantic floods and we never got to hear about the millions he donated. I suspect the media did not want us to know, that is if he donated anything at all.

2 months ago in News

TAU-TONA commented on "Pitso Mosimane: There's Only Two Teams, It's Us And Orlando Pirates, We Play"


O stlaela tota

2 months ago in News

TAU-TONA commented on "Bidvest Wits CEO Talks Absa Premiership Prize Money"


Thanks Wits for shutting big mouths and humbling arrogant pride



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