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about 12 hours ago in News

Spires commented on "Orlando Pirates Take Aim At Bidvest Wits "


more focused and unpredictable coach i like it for the Pirates

about 13 hours ago in News

Spires commented on "Take A Look At Kaizer Chiefs & Orlando Pirates On FIFA 18"


i hate this FIFA game especially when it comes to Pirates and Chiefs they dont take us serious the appearance of the players is very poor look at EPL players or European based they are as they look and we FNB stadium isnt ther Orlando or other stadiums we have are not there which makes it more stupid, wish i cud do my own consol game for Africa nx

about 13 hours ago in FanParkUpdate

Spires commented on "Wait! Did Benni Forget That He’s A Coach?"


lovely benny

about 18 hours ago in FanParkUpdate

Spires commented on "Morton Reacts To Gabadinho Spitting"


if it was the other way round we would have been talking race issues now and something would have been immediately done....PSL and Safa we can never tolerate this in the proffessional level please i dont wanna see Mhango in pirates VS Wits game please i dont wanna Vomit

1 day ago in FanParkUpdate

Spires commented on "Bidvest Wits Star Receives Old Teko Jersey"


as long as people are trying to fix unbroken machines breaking it i on the cards

2 days ago in FanParkUpdate

Spires commented on "Pirates Are Top Of The League, Could This Be Their Season?"


very happy with the progress 5 games 3 wins at home and two draws, this definately takes off the pressure and the boys will earn more confidence and desire to score. we will improve by each game, all problems are Identified and we are a work in progress Defense on point 5 games conceded 1 goal. midfield on point with being solid assisting and making sure we are solid at the back. Wyn Sandilands experience proving to be usefull to the side. Rotation provides a chance to everyone. its great i like and we making patient buildups and holding on to the ball like the all times Pirates we know. nevermind 1st sport dont even look at that it will come automatically if we keep it this way boys #Kancane kancane sizophumelela

5 days ago in FanParkUpdate

Spires commented on "Rakhale Joins Neymar & Ronaldo As FIFA 18’s ‘Five-Star Skiller’"


difference between jomo and the rest of the cows claiming to be skilful is that he uses his skills on transitional play and his first touch is always class that's why hes compared to ronaldo, neimar etc. best of the best

9 days ago in News

Spires commented on "Orlando Pirates’ Defence Has Improved "


with Nyatama's perfomance and considering that there is still sangweni i suggest Mobara should play CB with Nyauza and or Shitolo otherwise we have a good good team we just need Brookie in January or Rusike

9 days ago in SupporterClubUpdate

Spires commented on "'Three Points In The Bag For Pirates, But…' – Fan's Comment "


its a game after about 20 days without play guys please and by the chop and changes the technical team is stil searching for that rigid 11 please lets support them fully especially after picking 7/9 points please no player is at his best at this moment simply because we not very active we only played 3 competitive matches two then break and 1 now so lets all make judgements in october for we will have played =-5 games already

10 days ago in SupporterClubUpdate Comments

sholokothabang mentioned Spires in: Pirates vs Ajax – Suggest Your Bucs Starting XI!


@Spires no What about isassa????????



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