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2 months ago in News commented on "Mamelodi Sundowns Open Talks For Ajax Cape Town Defender"

@go khosi go-part 2 obviously you didn't see the yellow train this year cz ne ole busy ole dumb like a chiefs fan. Sechaba sa motsepe ka bo yellow is the name of the train #FYI.we have fans in Egypt

2 months ago in News commented on "Mamelodi Sundowns Open Talks For Ajax Cape Town Defender"

@go khosi go-part 2 greedy fools you mean who?, pay khune he's worth then you'll know the meaning of greed. Mr motsepe gave the whole team 20 million for winning the league last season and all the caf championship price money so wena ore "greedy" lol you're too emotional but not factual you should stop involving yourself in arguments # otlo_lla. They not for you sa le ngwana shush

2 months ago in SupporterClubUpdate commented on "Is This The Brazilians' Best XI Of The PSL Era?"

Powerful force 101

2 months ago in News commented on "Dani Alves Climbs Up In Players With Most Trophies Ranking"

Now that's success 101

2 months ago in ExpressYourself commented on "They won ACL and Super cup but we were made to believe this league is Pitso Soccer League and we were told none other than themselves can beat them, we were told the league is theirs."

@Zax5-Bucs. PSL has 16 teams competing for a championship are you that dumb?

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2 months ago in Express Yourself wrote an express yourself article: "One lesson to be learned from Mr mosimane"

2 months ago in SupporterClubUpdate commented on "'Wits' Title Win Is A Good Lesson To Pitso'"

Why is everything about Mr mosimane, I mean there's 16 teams competing for championship its no surprise that Wits won it like they worked hard for it as well like any other 15 teams in the league. At least Sundowns is the league defending team. Where's pitso involved in that, wena lucky khosi4life stop being so stupid by being blindfolded by your hatred to other people you also talk to much and at least pitso can put he's money where he's mouth is and wena?. You just a hating low life chiefs supporter like any other of them.

2 months ago in Match commented on "Las Palmas vs. Barcelona - Spanish La Liga (Sun, 14 May, 20:00)"

@END TO END is everything about sex?

2 months ago in SupporterClubUpdate commented on "'I Respect Pitso But…' – Reader's Voice "

That's he's way of doing things, why are you so focused on what he does. Let him complain, why are you complaining?.how he does things doesn't make him less least blaming others its how he see's the unrolled part of he's plans,and for your information he did say"its about time chiefs beat us" when Sundowns lost to chiefs when khompela said I code "chiefs is a big movement" but the movement got squashed. Anyway I think you're too emotional about him I think there's hatred in you towards him so say less when it comes to him bcz the "respect for him, but" part entails that you do have undesired liking towards him. Best keep hating him so that he keeps receiving the blessings or keep hurting by him complaining. Lol whichever way you don't win bruh. Lmao #think

2 months ago in FanParkUpdate commented on "PSL Players With Nicknames Of Other Footballers "

@MR.Bucs ska re tlwaela pona la gago



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