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about 6 hours ago in News

MGG06 commented on "South African Players Abroad"


Week in week out, the only two players who comes with a positive feedback are Zungu and Mokotjo. Proving to be our best exports so far. If we were to build Bafana, let's not look further than these two. Hope Dolly becomes a regular next season too. The rest are just in and out of their teams while playing in weaker leagues.

about 7 hours ago in News Comments

NoelMoshia mentioned MGG06 in: Have Chiefs' Zimbabwean Signings Been Successful?


@MGG06, wat a point

about 7 hours ago in News

MGG06 commented on "Have Chiefs' Zimbabwean Signings Been Successful?"


There are good zim players, just Chiefs scouts the wrong ones. Who ever is scouting for Chiefs that side is sleeping, he saw the likes of chirambadare and Katsvairo, but missed on the quality of Evens Rusike and Mahachi. As for those busy saying Zim Fc, those zim players have done well so far in the PSL, last season they even outdone our own South African players.. PSL player of the season was a zim, Sundowns player of the season was a Zim, Chiefs' player of the season was a Zim, Pirates top scorer was a zim even this season. Maritzburg player of the season was a Zim last season. Those so called Zim players even took their country to AFCON early this year while our own SA players failed, yet we still undermine those guys. We can undermine their values when they come here, but don't undermine those guys quality. Just Chiefs have been scouting the wrong ones lately.

about 14 hours ago in News Comments

Gunner Man mentioned MGG06 in: Gallery: Arsenal Celebrate Record 13th FA Cup Title

Gunner Man:

@MGG06 I agree with you,Wenger should have been bold enough and stepped down yesterday.

about 16 hours ago in News

MGG06 commented on "Gallery: Arsenal Celebrate Record 13th FA Cup Title"


It would have been great if Arsene announced yesterday after the match that he's leaving. Being the legendary coach he's been for the team, he was suppose to bow out in style, with a Silverware. Everyone was happy yesterday, the players, himself and the fans. But being the stubborn Man he is, he still wanna stay even though he knows he's no longer welcomed. Everyone would have shown respect to him if he announced he's living last, but want to do it when everyone start booing him.

1 day ago in News

MGG06 commented on "Komphela: We Gave Away Many Matches"


"We Gave Away Many Matches". He's been giving away to many matches for every team he coached. I've said it while Chiefs were on a winning streak, that they not doing as well as a team, just an individual doing good that showed when Shabba got injured, we just struggled to win games. Under Baxter the whole team did well not just a single player. With Steve in charge nothing will change.

1 day ago in Match

MGG06 commented on "Arsenal vs. Chelsea - English FA Cup (Sat, 27 May, 18:30)"


Weldone champs, a bad season but surely the cup will make up for it. Still remain Wenger out.

1 day ago in News

MGG06 commented on "Pique: The Referees Influenced Things In La Liga"


All the other teams in Laliga can complain about referees just not Real Madrid and Barcelona, both benefited from referees' decision. Barcelona's come back against PSG and their two penalties in their last game just to mention few.

2 days ago in News

MGG06 commented on "Owen Da Gama Out Of Bafan Bafana Set Up?"


Those were Shakes' guys, Baxter must bring his own assistants too.

2 days ago in News

MGG06 commented on "Owen Da Gama Out Of Bafan Bafana Set Up?"


This is the same guys that was fired buy stars for selling game time to players. Players were buying to be in the starting 11. Him being out of our national teams will make sense



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