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about 1 month ago in News

Gomza8486 commented on "Clinton Larsen Hasn't Discussed Kutumela Move"


Pirates never give young players a chance, if they can play Gabuza every game until he score why not try that on a younger player agh...

2 months ago in News

Gomza8486 commented on "PSL vs Europe: What’s Best For Andile Jali?"


Psl if he is going to play for Pirates...

3 months ago in Match Comments

DEEKAYGEE mentioned Gomza8486 in: Match


@Gomza8486 you have got some guts ...that prediction is top notch

3 months ago in Match

Gomza8486 commented on "Leicester City vs. Liverpool - English Barclays Premier League (Mon, 27 Feb, 22:00)"


My predictions are spot on so far so good.

3 months ago in News Comments

AAA_waSIMUTHA mentioned Gomza8486 in: Shabba's 'Outstanding' Free-Kick Making The Rounds In England


@Gomza8486 What's special about that goal depends on how much one knows and loves the beautiful game of football. Those who follow football with biased minds DON'T see anything special or good when it is done by a player from a team they don't support.

3 months ago in News

Gomza8486 commented on "Shabba's 'Outstanding' Free-Kick Making The Rounds In England"


What is it that is special about this goal...mxm

3 months ago in FanParkUpdate

Gomza8486 commented on " Did Malema Just Announce Benni's Arrival At Pirates? "


Yooo I'm not good in English but Editor o bua nyoso.

3 months ago in News

Gomza8486 commented on "Orlando Pirates Pitch Invasion Reaches English Media"


This was Pirates and Sundowns fans who invaded the pitch and Sundowns must take the responsibility of those cost because they were the once hosting. Which means the security comes from them, this case is dismissed.

3 months ago in News

Gomza8486 commented on "Match Statistics: Mameelodi Sundowns vs Orlando Pirates"


Pirates can take a 6-0 defeat just fine, some dirty old stupid hooligans made this defeat more humiliating than it was...we knew Pirates isn't playing well since the start of the season hence there are 3 goal scorers this season. But this should be a wake up call to Dr Irvin Khoza and the players who are below for the Captain of the team the better I keep quite.

3 months ago in News

Gomza8486 commented on "The Truth Behind Palacios' Absence From The Bench"


@khosiological you stupid,do you know that a person can die because of u it's a joke. Ass hole



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