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6 days ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "Reports: Pep Guardiola Keen On Former FC Barcelona Star Reunion"

Dj Juba02:

you sell Zabaleta coz he is old nw u want 2 buy Alves who is older ai angati

13 days ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "Alvaro Morata Wants Gareth Bale To Join Him At Manchester United?"

Dj Juba02:

@Mphozana-12 in your dreamz boi ucabanga kutsi kuseluphisa la. Bale is staying put

about 1 month ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "Arsenal's First Signing Revealed?"

Dj Juba02:

Hey Mr Klopp just buy Gibbs from Arsenal n let James Milner be the Holding midfielder buy Lloriente, Joe Hart, Van Aanholt and wilfred Zaha

about 1 month ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "Philippe Coutinho Addresses FC Barcelona Links "

Dj Juba02:

Goodbye Coutinho You Will Never Walk Alone, Barca always get our players

2 months ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "Yaya Toure Hits Out At Referees"

Dj Juba02:

I think that technology needs to embraced in our football we need to have reviews and the must jst be limited 2 three reviews or sumting coz refereez r human 2 n dey make lot of mistakes dis dayz

2 months ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "Professional Footballers’ Association Announce Premier League Team Of The Year"

Dj Juba02:

yet Sadio Mane z not nominated for the Player of the Season Award

2 months ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "Nominees For PFA Players' Player Of The Year Award Revealed"

Dj Juba02:

Where z Sadio Mane because he did way better than most of this nominated cows, are they against africans or what this is not fair PFA

2 months ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "Furious Luis Enrique Slams Barcelona Stars"

Dj Juba02:

Just admit it coach w r out u cost u by playing Matheeeewu , pique z also costing us he z responsible 4 da 2 dybala goals he stood instead of pressing the opponent

3 months ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "Philippe Coutinho Equals Premier League Record"

Dj Juba02:

Brazil is very rich with attacking players, their development structures are gud it shwz dat dey invest in footbal & the brazil squad is alwayz performing gud, if only SAFA would invest in rural & township footbal

3 months ago in News

Dj Juba02 commented on "African Starlet: I Want To Emulate Lionel Messi and Be Africa's Best"

Dj Juba02:

African Messi is already here ur to late boi Sadio Mane is the best



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