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Aug 11, 2017 02:10 PM

A Season Of Proving A Point!

With soccer world cup around the corner and some of the big teams having not performed well, this season there is point to be proved. We have seen Barcelona being humiliated by Juventus in UCL while Orlando Pirates failed to qualify for top 8 spot for the first in PSL era; Arsenal failed to qualify for UCL next this season.
It is certain Orlando Pirates are determine to send a strong message to football fraternity that they are a big team. And having assembly new players and coaches, Orlando Pirates is going to be a difficult team to beat. Just like Pep Guadiola has said that "Barcelona always bounce back " there is no doubt that Barcelona despite losing one of their star to their UCL rival are going to be firing from all cylinder in both the La Liga and UCL. For the past 21 years Arsenal manager and his team never won EPL title and his managerial of the team has attracted the attention of Arsenal faithful calling for his head to be cut-off from the London-based club, it is obvious that wenger and his men have a point to prove.However, in all football league around the world, this season it will be every player dream to stay injury free and to maintain consistence performance to gain spot in their national team, therefore many players will to prove their worthy for selection in their nation team.

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